Strengthen Your Competitiveness Through Market Research and Analytics

About Us

On The Tracks Research was founded in 2015 by Claudia Stefanoiu, a seasoned researcher and consultant. On The Tracks Research specializes in market research and industry assessment for businesses around the world, regardless of their size, industry or geographical footprint. We understand a company’s success depends on the quality of the information that reaches the desks of its decision makers. That’s why we take pride in our research efforts.


At On The Tracks Research, we work diligently to be your one-stop-shop for all things involving research and analytics. Cost-effective and committed to you, our goal is to be more than a provider of detailed insight and information. We strive to be your partner in analytics.

What makes us different

In today’s competitive business world, companies have to set themselves apart in order to succeed. Whether you are an established company or a startup business, market research is invaluable to keep you ahead of the game. Data is abundant, but without the expertise of a qualified market research team, it is extremely difficult to grasp the competitive advantage.


Geographical barriers are long gone. Companies no longer have to rely on limited local resources for covering their research needs. We embrace this global evolution by providing research services to any company, large or small, regardless of its location.

Meaningful Intelligence

Whether contracting us for a high-level analysis or an in-depth research report, you will be provided with only the most meaningful results. We guide our research efforts with the perseverance of turning all the stones.

Immediate Availability

What is not properly researched today turns into a liability tomorrow. Research outputs should follow the development stages of each company and they should be available at the right time. Our streamlined processes allow us to be immediately available.

Results On a Budget

Many companies tend to postpone research activities due to budgetary constraints. While running their business ‘as-is’, market shares dissipate and opportunities get lost. We stand by our clients especially during difficult times and make sure that opportunities are being capitalized.


With so many companies vying for business, it’s imperative for a company to facilitate access to the expertise of a dedicated market research team. We eliminate the need for additional in-house resources and the associated costs. While using an external resource, results emerge faster and at high standards.

Our Core

These are just some of the core values we take pride in following on a daily basis:
  • Professionalism
  • Precision
  • Partnership
  • Passion

We are passionate about research and grateful for the long-standing partnerships we have built with our clients.

Some of our most requested research services include:

  • In-depth reports on various industries at global, regional or country levels
  • Compilations of competitive intelligence focused on key financial and operational indicators
  • Calculations of total available markets
  • The identification of untapped demand pockets
  • Data gathering and ad-hoc research projects.

This in-depth research and analysis will give your company the edge it needs for coming out on top of the competition. Contact us for more information.

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